Thursday 12 January 2012

Boko Haram Leader adopts Osama Bin laden Styles, Justifying Terror Acts on Video; Are BH members Muslims?

The Boko Haram released a video recently, saying Christianity is paganism and ready to force Islam on the entire nation.

The group claimed responsibility for all the attacks against Christians and security personnel in Nigeria, including the Christmas day bombing. However, people should know the terrorists only use religious beliefs to recruit their followers. Islam is a veritable platform and tool in Northern Nigeria.

We must realize that religious terrorism is not terrorism in the name of religion. It is not terrorism against another religion. It is sacramental terrorism.

Victim of Terror - Islam against killing of women in children
The series of attacks by Osama bin Laden and al-Qaeda against the United States was partly motivated by religious convictions. This group believes the terrorist act is justified because they interpret the Koran as condoning such acts against nonbelievers of their faith. This is a wrong interpretation of Koran because  Islam never preached violence. That is why we are, saying they are not Muslims but mass murderers.

All acts of terrorism are motivated by the achievement of a certain goal. This goal may be related to some type of change—social, religious, or political. Although most people can agree that using violence as a means of coercion is wrong, a terrorist's mind is able to rationalize violent acts against innocent people as furthering their cause. Terrorists believe that they are justified in performing the violent act in order to accomplish a more important religious, social, or political change.

The group threatens to continue revenge attacks over the killing of Muslims in some parts of Nigeria. 

Global Agenda brings the English translation to you below. Please read and tell us what you think.

“Greetings to you and greetings to fellow muslims and thanks be to God. This is a message to Goodluck and to the CAN president. Alhamdullahi, we are known as Jamatu Ahlis Sunna Lidda’awati wal-jihad which some people derogatory term as Boko Haram. We have said all that needs to be said and everyone has seen what the security personnel have done to us. Everyone has seen why we are fighting with them. We hardly touch anybody except security personnel and christians and those who have betrayed us.

Everyone knows what Christians did to Muslims, not once or twice. Why I have come out to explain myself is because of the explanation Jonathan and the CAN president gave on us, including the various versions people give about us that we are like cancer (a terrible ailment) in this country called Nigeria. No, we’re not cancer, neither are we evil. If people don’t know us, God knows everyone. Everyone knows what happened to our leader. Everyone knows what wickedness was meted out to our members and fellow muslims in Nigeria from time to time in Zango kataf, Tafawa Balewa, Kaduna, villages, Lanngtang, Yelwa shendam.

Different things were meted out to muslims in this country. Everyone knows that democracy and the constitution is paganism and everyone knows there are some things that God has forbidden in the quran that cannot be counted, even western education! We have stopped everything apart from saying we should stay on the path of truth and peace and live right in the sight of God. There, we will have peace and that is what we have been preaching and because of that they said we should be killed and our mosques destroyed.

We decided to defend ourselves and God has said if you follow him, he will give you strength! That is why Jonathan, you should know that this is beyond your power. It is not our doing but that of God. It is beyond you. Wallahi, what you are saying is like you have not started saying anything! Before God created the earth, he knew what was going to happen and he has promised in the holy book that he will help his religion. It is beyond your power. What you see has been happening, God allowed it because you have refused to follow him and you have betrayed his religion. That is why Jonathan, this is beyond your power – yes, If a few in your Government say nice things about us, it is not surprising – it has happened many times – our hands are open! Anybody that says he will not follow God, even if he loves us, God has not said we should love such a person. God has said we should show such person the right path and embrace such person, you Christians should know that Jesus is a servant and prophet of God. He is not the Son of God. This religion of Christianity you are practicing is not a religion of God – it is Paganism. God frowns at it. What you are practicing is not religion.

Aside that, you Christians cheated and killed us to the extent of eating our flesh like cannibals; you did all you wanted to us. We are trying to coerce you to embrace Islam, because that is what God instructed us to do. Even at that, without provocation, you slaughtered us and took our wives and humiliated us. Now, you CAN president, you come out to say your people should come out and do whatever they want to do! Any right thinking person knows what you mean, any right thinking person knows what you are saying. This is why as leader of this sect, I tell you to repent and to you Christians, repent! This path we’re taking is God’s path.

Fellow muslims, understand us, our objective is not to kill or humiliate or steal. This explanation has become necessary, even if i don’t explain, i can decide to keep mute because the person i love to know me like this is God. I have no objective than to help the religion of God, that is all i can explain. But if you want further explanation, we have tapes you can listen to and know our objectives. This is also my message to the President of Nigeria, Jonathan, who has come out to say negative things about us and also a lot of harm to us – God has given us victory and we have done what we want to do. This is almost 11 years our members are being killed. Anything people want to say or do, we say enough is enough!

We serve God and we do not harm anybody, but anybody that looks for our trouble, we will face such person or persons. We follow the tenets of the Quran and anybody that thinks he can fight God, should not think his prayer or praying in the mosque can save him. Any muslim that cheats and hides under the cloak of religion, if we know such person, we will not hesitate to eliminate him. Yes, I am saying so because it does not take 5 minutes to kill just as we are being killed. We follow the teachings of the Quran. This is what God has told me to explain. Allhamdulillah”

What are you thinking?
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