Tuesday 10 January 2012

Occupy Nigeria; Coalition of Nigerians in Ghana set to occupy Nigerian High Commission in Accra

#OCCUPYNIGERIA PHOTO OF THE DAY! Protesters gather at Gani Fawehinmi Square Photograph: Akintunde Akinleye/Reuters
The coalition of concern Nigerians in Ghana is set to protest the removal of fuel subsidy at the country’s High Commission in Accra on Wednesday.

At a pre - rally meeting held on Tuesday, the participants called on Nigeria government not to compare Nigeria to Ghana because Ghana government informed her citizens about the 20% increase on PMS as against the Nigerian government that imposed over 100% without any consultation.
Plus, the fact that the Ghanaian government has infrastructures and constant electricity with minimum rate of corruption among the government leaders; something lacking among the Nigerian ruling elite.
The coalition said it will continue the protest until President Goodluck Jonathan rescinds his decision on the increase. “This government is a government of pain and we must resist any policy capable of sending people to their early graves,” said the coalition.

Michael Ajayi, a Nigerian resident in Ghana who facilitates the occupy Nigeria movement in Ghana said “enough is enough; it is time to take our destiny into our hand by resisting anti-people’s policy of President Goodluck Jonathan’s government.”

In the meantime, over five hundred Nigerians resident in Ghana has signed up to attend tomorrow’s rally.  Nigerian Students in Ghana, workers, traders and representatives of the Nigerian community in Ghana have mobilized their members for the mass rally. 

Ghana is another speaking English country within the West African sub-region. Over three million Nigerians are living in Ghana. Many international organizations and corporate businesses have in the last 7-years shifted their operations headquarters from Nigeria to Ghana because of stable electricity, adequate security, good infrastructures, and political stability.

Nigeria with abundant oil and rich mineral resources has the poorest people in the region. The education system is at the brink of total collapse. The Academic Staff Union of University is on strike, terrorists are killing innocent people every day, no electricity and water, and President Jonathan’s has never shown genuine concerns about the plight of the youth unemployment.

“The Ghanaian government is making millions of dollars in revenue from Nigerian students studying in various institutions of higher learning in Ghana,” said Opeyemi Ige, president of Nigerian Students Association in Ghana.  “There are 71,000 Nigerians here in Ghana with each paying nothing less than $5,000 per session.”


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