Monday 30 April 2012

University Campus Terror Attacks in Nigeria; President Jonathan needs Help

Press Statement for Immediate Release: Abuja, 30 April 2012

The Global Alternative Agenda received the news of the attack against the innocent Christian worshippers in the Bayero University Campus, Kano with rude shock and wishes to condemn the attack in strong term.

The GAA commiserate with the family of those who lost their love ones in this provocative and barbaric attack, aiming at suppressing our freedom, values and liberty. We assert that these attackers are not Muslim but mass murderers who are held bend in imposing their will by force on peace loving Nigerians.  It is high time to affirm our ties with each others and help President Goodluck Jonathan to win the war against terror in Nigeria.
Those who want to contest power, for political or religious change, and governments that want to maintain power, have used terror to instill fear in people. Terrorism is not new, and this phenomenon has a long history, longer than the modern nation-state. It is always political or religious in nature.

The GAA is particular concern about these new waves of unwarranted attacks against the Media and the Ivory Towers. The University and College Campuses are known all over the world to always enjoy some level of protection and immunity against such barbaric attack.

In addition, the fact that all the attackers escaped despite the fact that the act was perpetrated during the day is an embarrassment and questionable. This further exposed that Nigeria is ill prepared in spite of all the huge allocations of resources expended on Security in the last few years.
There is no doubt in the fact that Kano State remains the “hot spot” of which there should have been adequate security measures in preparation for such an evil day. We realize that government cannot prevent all the attacks all the time but the mitigation process has been slow and Nigerians are fast running out of patience. Of course, Nigerians deserve better security in this challenging period.

As part the measure to combat terrorism, it is important that we all agree on the definition of terrorism in Nigeria. It will be absolutely difficult to fight terrorism without defining it. Unless one knows and understands what the threat is, it is difficult to develop countermeasures to reduce the threat.
Also, the Deeds must equal words: If a government says it will act against a terrorist threat, then it must act. Failure to act against a credible terrorist threat does considerable damage to a nation's credibility and its international reputation.

In conclusion, there is a need for a concerted effort from the presidency to ensure that the government stop terrorists from committing acts of violence by capturing them, disrupting their cells, prosecute them and punish them according to law. The security agencies must ensure that they keep the most dangerous weapons out of terrorists' hands, while the government must prevent radicalization by helping to deal with those political grievances that are spawning terrorists in Nigeria.

Oludare Ogunlana
President, Global Alternative Agenda


The content of this material is a perfect prescription against this act of terrorism which is against God and humanity, I think it should be adopted to guide against future re-occurrence of this menace. Thanks to Globa Alternative Agenda. Fabowale Damola fortune. (Nigeria)

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