Thursday 31 May 2012

Another Failed Rescue Operations in Kano City of Nigeria

The Nigerian Security Forces made frantic effort but failed today to rescue a German kidnapped in January by the al-Qaeda group, operating in Nigeria. The BBC gave a sketchy report of the ongoing operation below:

Edgar Fritz Raupach

A German engineer abducted in January by gunmen in northern Nigeria has been killed during a failed rescue bid, security sources say.

Edgar Fritz Raupach was seized in the city of Kano.

In March, a British and an Italian hostage were also killed during a similar attempt to free them by the British and Nigerian forces.

The latest developments came as the authorities said an Italian engineer had been kidnapped western Nigeria.
Kidnappings are uncommon in the western state of Kwara. But oil workers are often targeted for ransom in the south, and Islamist militants are active in northern Nigeria.

BBC Nigeria correspondent Will Ross says that worryingly the Nigerian security forces do not seem able to prevent the abductions and have once again shown the danger of trying to intervene to rescue the hostages.

Culled from the BBC online


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