Monday 21 May 2012

Terrorist Could Be Anybody; as Nigerian Security Operatives Foils Terror Attempt in Government Building

Nigeria security operatives on Monday, May 21, 2012 aborted another terror attempt at the Ministry of Information popularly known as “Radio House,” located in Area 11, Abuja.
The meeting of the senior government officials was about to commence at the venue when the suspect was apprehended by the vigilance security men on duty.

Security operatives intercepted John Akpabu while, trying to smuggle three hand grenades and 34 rounds of live ammunition to the venue of important meetings of government leaders.
This is a very huge achievement for the law enforcement and security services, which deserves commendation. The vigilance of the security operatives saved many lives and properties that would have lost in the incident.

John Akpabu, a suspected Suicide Terrorist. Photo Credit: Saharareporters
Although, no one has claimed responsibility for the failed bombing attempt but it should be noted that a terrorist could be anybody. Terrorism is not about religion, race of ethnics as some people may want to perceive it in some quarters.
Of course, John Akpabu would have succeeded if the security operatives on duty were only looking for people who appear in some form of dress or looking for person with bearing Mustapha, Abdullahi or those who answer some type of religious or ethnic names.

We commend those men and women, working to ensure safety and security in Nigeria and we hope those agencies will do more to bring an end to the era of insecurity and terrorism in Nigeria.
John being led out be security operatives. Photo: Saharareporters


Is John Akpabu from the North or is he a Muslim, the answer to this is NO. So Boko Haram has now been evolved to every tribe in Nigeria.

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