Sunday 30 September 2012

Crashing the American Plane was Allah’s Call. – Abdulmutallab

Terror strike: Abdulmutallab, pictured in his 2009 mugshot, was sentenced to three life terms after pleading guilty

The young Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, who attempted to bomb the American aircraft, believes his action was divine and was God’s call. The Daily Mail revealed this in a recent article published online.
This is exactly the mindset of most religious inspired terrorists. Violence for the likes of Abdumutallab was sacramental act, a divine duty, commanded by religious text and communicated by clerical authorities. Religious terrorism is one of the most difficult forms of terrorism to curb because of the motivation, which the practitioners always claimed to be divine duty or sacramental act.  Boko Haram is one of many terrorist organizations that are motivated partly or in whole by religious authority. Of course, religious imperative for terrorism is the most important defining character of the terrorist activity of the present age. They all share the same ethos of self-sacrifice and suicidal martyrdoms.

Below is the article:

Revealed: How Christmas Day bomber's exploding underwear failed to detonate... because he had worn them for THREE WEEKS
•    Agents who investigated Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab said he was forthcoming about his plans
•    Abdulmutallab sentenced to three life terms after pleading guilty earlier this year
•    Infamous al-Qaeda bombmaker Ibrahim Hassan al-Asiri is believed to have made the device
The notorious underwear bomber who tried to bring down a jumbo jet on Christmas Day had a dirty little secret - he'd been wearing the explosive skivvies for weeks.

Agent Mike Connelly
Agent Ted Peissig
Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab wore them for three weeks to be exact, and it may have been the reason why he was unsuccessful in his 2009 terrorist plans aboard a Detroit-bound airliner.

The new details were revealed by two FBI agents who played a role in securing a confession from Abdulmutallab, shortly after the bungled plot.

Agent Ted Peissig told WXYZ-TV: 'So basically for three weeks he wore this garment, these underwear with this device in it.

‘We think ultimately that is probably what caused the disruption in the sequence

Peissig, along with fellow agent Mike Connelly, told the network that Abdulmutallab wore the explosives-rigged underwear for three weeks in an effort to get accustomed to it, only taking it off when he showered.

Connelly added that Abdulmutallab was focused on his mission to crash the plane, because it was 'God's call.'

The agents admitted that Abdulmutallab did not look like a terrorist, but he spoke freely about how he was working for al-Qaeda and that had acted alone.

The explosives failed to fully detonate aboard the flight, which was carrying nearly 300 people, but caused a brief fire that badly burned his groin.

Passengers pounced on Abdulmutallab and forced him to the front of Northwest Airlines Flight 253 where he was held until the plane landed minutes later.

Abdulmutallab talked freely to the FBI about his desire to commit martyrdom for his Islamic faith.

In 2009, months before the attack, he said he travelled to Yemen to see Anwar al-Awlaki, an American-born cleric and one of the best-known al-Qaeda figures.

He told investigators that his mission was approved after a three-day visit with his mentor.

Culled from Daily Mail Online


Mr. mar Farouk Abdulmutallab you are mad, the world should just see the type of people, who we the christains are sharing the same country with, please the world why can't you people please give us Biafrian Republic Where we believe that killing a human is a sin before God this people are not as we are they are something else in a human nature. We need Biafria, we need Biafria in IGBO LAND the eastern part of this corrupted country called Nigeria.

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