Monday 24 September 2012

Libya gives Islamist militias until Tuesday to disband

Libya president Mohammed el-Megaref on Saturday announced he was giving rogue militia forces in Libya until Tuesday to disband. He did not specify what would happen to the militias and their members if they did not, but he did say that the Libyan government would address the illegitimate militia problem by using the joint police, the armed forces, and the what he referred to as the “authorized militia brigades.”

Fox News quotes him to say that all militias operating outside the “legitimacy of the state” would be disbanded..

Libya is the only Muslim country which saw large popular demonstrations against the militant and their violence.

The militias were given forty-eight hours to evacuate military compounds, state property, and properties of members of the former regime in Tripoli and surrounding areas.

The army ordered “all individuals and armed groups occupying military compounds, public buildings or property belonging to members of the former regime to evacuate these sites within 48 hours,’” threatening to use force if the groups did not comply, the official LANA news agency reported Sunday.

El-Megaref’s announcement came after the Islamist Ansar al-Sharia militia was swept out of its bases in Benghazi on Friday, according to the AP. On Saturday, two Islamist militias in the eastern town of Derna, an Islamist stronghold, announced they were disbanding and evacuating their compounds, residents told the AP.


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