Thursday 8 November 2012

How Nigeria can tackle Boko Haram -US strategic group

Nigeria and other African countries facing Islamic militancy have been offered four options for tackling the conflict under an overarching objective of preventing further radicalisation of Muslim population.

The Washington- based African Centre for Strategic Studies, in its latest African Security brief made available to the Nigerian Tribune, identified better information on insurgents, local engagement, open dialogue with militants and targeted use of force as potent options in solving the insurgency

The brief, entitled: “Islamic Militancy in Africa`` noted that “there  is a need to gather in-depth knowledge and credible information on Islamic militant movements and the contexts in which they appear covering rhetorics of Islamic militants and local issues on which they are mobilising support.
“It should entail analysis that captures more than the immediate security dimensions but integrates historical, political, economic, and sociocultural perspectives with the goal of gaining nuanced and differentiated knowledge,” the report noted.

 The report, put together by Professor Terje Ostebo of the University of Florida, advised that rather than “branding all emerging demands as part of the radicalisation of Islam, a range of voices needs to be heard while grievances borne from under-representation, marginalisation, and alienation need to be acknowledged.

“This will often entail careful processes of confidence-building between governments and Muslim groups—across religious divides and among different ethnicities with a view to properly recognise such grievances and adopt more inclusive policies to enhance political participation and broaden citizens’ affinity with the state,’’ the report declared.

On dialogue with Boko Haram and others, the report advised that the goal should be to identify moderate elements and seek out avenues for negotiations that duly recognise the complexity of each context.
It, however, advocated targeted use of force against hardcore insurgents.

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