Thursday 20 December 2012

IGP Mohammed Dikko Abubakar is the person of the year

IGP Mohammed Dikko Abubakar, person of the year
The Global Alternative Agenda in a conference today declares the IGP Mohammed Dikko Abubakar as the person of the year 2012.

Dr. AbdulMumin Jibrin, the Chairman House Committee on Finance was declared the legislator of the year with Mr. Zaccheus Adelabu as the administrator of the year.

In recognition of the role of the media in the fight against crime, terrorism and social injustices; Mr. Edmund Obilo of the Splash FM was voted as the Media person while the Channel Television was selected as the media house of year

Dr. AbdulMumin Jubril
Legislator of the year
The organization noted that  poverty, poor governance, social injustice and leadership failure are the main causes of terrorism and criminal activities in the society. According to the communiqué issued after the Symposium on tackling Kidnapping, Hijacking and Terror held at the University of Ibadan Conference center, the group recognizes and commend those leaders in different sectors that have taken some steps to reduce the hardship in the society.

“For those who have developed and implemented policies that help reduce poverty and crimes in our society; we say a big thank you to them; We commend them with this token by honoring them to encourage them to do more and also inspire others in the position of authority to do more.” Said the communiqué.

The report identified the removal of the illegal road blocks as one of the major policy of the IGP. Abubakar that really touches people’s life. Mr. Abubakar ordered the immediate removal of all illegitimate road blocks shortly on assumption of office. This policy has a direct and positive impact in the life of a common citizen of Nigeria.

Mr. Edmund Obilo, Media person of the
The leadership change in the Nigerian Police Force brings a sigh of relief to Nigerians who face harassment, intimidation, and coercion, paying “illegal toll fee” everyday on Nigerian roads. It was common for some bad eggs in the Nigerian police to mounts illegal road blocks to extort money from the motorists under the guise of preventing crimes. The unauthorized police barriers on Nigerian highways have in most cases caused fatal accidents and there are cases where policemen have intentionally or accidentally killed innocent drivers with their guns because the drivers failed to pay unlawful mandatory fee at police barriers

Today, the illegal police barriers have disappeared on most of Nigerian roads. The IGP Abubakar's action is a good step in a right direction towards the repositioning of the Nigerian Police Force.

Although, people still doubt the sustainability of this accomplishment but the IGP's action is a pointer to the fact that a newly anticipated community-oriented policing is possible; and a discipline leadership at all levels of the police formations is highly critical to the success of the agency's reform agenda.

The GAA claims the the police organization in Nigeria needs a leader who could influence the agency to achieve its goal. The GAA statement said “With this achievement; we present the IGP Mohammed Dikko Abubakar as the PERSON OF THE YEAR 2012.”


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