Monday 25 February 2013

GENERAL SECURITY TIPS-Global Agenda for Development

Oludare Ogunlana-A Security Specialist and Consultant

• Be cautions when entering private vehicles that operate as taxis
• Avoid spending the  night with free women
• In the crowded bus - stop, hold tight to your bags and pockets in-order not to be robbed by pickpockets.
• Do not leave your children with strangers, especially in religious places of worship.
• Always secure your residence by locking up the place.
• Do not allow strangers to embrace you in the public, as such person may be out to pick your wallet.
• Mind how you leave your car with strangers as some may be robbers
• Be observant inside and outside prominent places in order not to be trailed by robbers
• Provide adequate security for cash in transit, including the use of police escorts, also stop keeping money or valuables in your car
• Report suspicious movement within your vicinity to the police, never confront criminals as your life is very important, call the police on the following numbers:
767 Toll free lines.
• Most importantly, always be aware of your surroundings no matter where you are and what you are doing. This puts you in a position of confidence and power.
• When entering unfamiliar places, take a moment to familiarize yourself; take note of other people in the room, your position relative to other doorway or exist, crowds of people, skirmishes, noise or other thing to avoid.
• Another key is to be proactive; look first and be aware of what and who is around you before there is a problem
• Identify who may be a threat to your personal security by their actions (drunk, wildly outspoken or scary to another)
• Carrying a personal defense tool like pepper spray can buy you some time to escape in a sticky situation or even death.
• Stay on well-lit streets at night and stay with a group when possible when travelling on foot or take a licensed cab to avoid walking around altogether.
• Learn about your neighbors, strangers and neighborhoods
• Be vigilant when carrying a briefcase or laptop bags, in places like airport bus stop, train stations etc.
• When accepting complimentary card from strangers, try as much as possible to keep it away from your face and wash your hands as soon as possible, it could be sprayed with substance to drug you.
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