Tuesday 2 July 2013

Breaking: Egypt’s military threatens own “roadmap” if Morsi, opposition fail to resolve differences in 48 hours‬ - Premium Times

Mohammed Morsi

Protesters want President Morsi to leave office.
The head of the Egyptian armed forces has given the government and the politicians 48 hours to meet the demands of the protesters, failure of which the military will unfold its “roadmap”.‬

‪The defence chief, General Abdul Fatah, said in a broadcast on Monday that the armed forces was on the side of the people after days of crippling protests that have left 16 people dead.‬‪

The military chief did not specify names, but his comments are seen as a subtle message that implies it is in support of the call for Mr. Morsi to step down.‪

Events in the North African country are still surprising as they come barely a year after Mr. Morsi was elected following a revolution that swept away his predecessor, Hosni Mubarak.‬

‪The opposition accuse Mr. Morsi of civilian dictatorship after the removal of Mr.Mubarak who is currently on trial for his handling of the 2011 protest.‬

‪Within nearly two months, the opposition rallied millions of protesters who have hit the streets since last week.‬

‪The demonstrators demand that Mr. Morsi steps down. The opposition have threatened to march on the presidential palace if Mr. Morsi fails to resign by Tuesday.‬

‪Supporters of the president are also on the streets in effort to counter the protest.‬

‪On Monday, four cabinet ministers resigned their positions over perceived mishandling of the protest.‬


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