Wednesday 24 July 2013

Speak against corruption in Nigerian Society

Otunba Gani Adams and Oludare Ogunlana
A call has gone to the traditional rulers in Nigeria to shun corruption and also stop supporting and associating with the corrupt governments at all levels in Nigeria.

Mr. Oludare Ogunlana, a guest speaker for the year 2013 Okota festival made this assertion on Tuesday at Arigidi Akoko in Ondo State.

Okota festival is an annual event initiated by Otunba Gani Adams, Coordinator of the Odua Peoples' Congress and the chief promoter of Olokun festival. The program attracts thousands of followers with ten Yoruba monarchs in attendance for this year’s event.

The guest speaker, Mr. Ogunlana challenged all the Yoruba traditional monarchs to stand against injustice, corruption and fraud but rather support good governance and genuine democratic change in Nigeria. He asserted that child marriage that has been promoted by the Senate of Nigeria is a crime against humanity. He called on all genuine traditional rulers to speak against it and call the Nigerian National Assembly to order.

Mr. Ogunlana explained that every culture has its moral code. Our American and European friends cannot impose their culture on us by telling us to accept gay marriages. “It is alien to our culture, therefore, Okota festival is quite timely and significant in view of the urgent need for cultural interventions, response and appraisal of the orgy of the civilization with are witnessing in Nigeria, Africa and the entire globe” Ogunlana said.


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