Saturday 7 September 2013

"ABOVE"... in the Charging clouds by C.IWUOHA

MY TIME IN THE CHARGING CLOUD..." For Public Presentation on Sept; 26, 2013 @ University of Ibadan Conference Center, NIGERIA
In challenging doubts truths emerge in hunting facts records are cast like whispers swallowed by running sounds of Jordan barriers broken as tender souls crippled in misinformation wake to aluta call to confront silhouettes of corruption and become whole in wisdom of confrontation.

Unarmed youths arise, to address, mend and defend the society silence in citadels, innocents turn rebels chants for justice from this voices above, the lamp, into quiet souls revolution injected trembling of limbs in government quarters Nightmares in palaces sweet dreams in prisons gunshots in schoolyards and praises in graveyards victoria ascerta...they chant in tears

Misinterpreted yet honor beckons glory misplaced by wrong social norms Night overcomes those who drag steps in uncertainty and they in pursuit of vision with accurate precision elevated above the charging clouds and they social outcasts becomes wiser than our classroom scholars.

This work is Inspired by the book MY TIME IN THE CHARGING CLOUDS written by Comrade Oludare you we see the Lamp as you pursue your vision with accurate precision....peace.



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