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Nigerian Army Debriefing Document Of Released Boko Haram Hostage Extensively Outlines Sect's Operational Tactics | Sahara Reporters

Chibok Girls
SaharaReporters has obtained a classified intelligence document from an inside source in the Nigerian army today that lists critical aspects of the Boko Haram sect's terror tactics.

The report titled "OPERATION ZAMAN LAFIYA - DEBRIEF OF RELEASED BHT HOSTAGE", was dated August 18, details several elements of Boko Haram's operation, including characteristics of their hideout in the Sambisa Forest, means and methods of transportation, as well as dress, daily life, and practices.

The report reveals that the insurgents, who fund their operations principally through robbery, have information on all the movements of the Nigerian army, and plant explosive devices on thoroughfares patronized by the troops. These explosives, which the source alleges also surround their enclave and paths to it, present major difficulty for troops who are trying to crush the insurgency in Sambisa Forest.

Also significant was that the source disclosed details on the abducted Chibok girls, today gone for 149 nationally-agonizing days. According to the document, a debriefed hostage revealed that Boko Haram actually set out to obtain ammunition and weaponry they were told was in Chibok on April 14, 2014, and realizing upon arrival that there was none, they dissapointedly resorted to abducting some 250 high school girls from Chibok Secondary School.

The document further disclosed that after abducting the girls, the sect militants divided the girls into groups of twenty. Although not all of the girls have converted to Islam, the documents allege, many of them have married Boko Haram militants that originally came from Chibok.

"Some of the girls have converted into Islam and some have not," the report said. "They didn't kill those who decided not to convert to Islam as they normally do to men who refuse to convert."

"Thirty of the girls are now married to BHTs (Boko Haram terrorists) of Chibok origin, one of them had a dislocation and another was bitten by a snake," the report further alleged.

The documents also maintained that Boko Haram is continuing to demand the release of their detained men as a condition for releasing the girls, though some White hostages (nationality undisclosed) were freed "based on exchange with their men".

Read the full report and complete details below.

18 Aug 14


1. Recent information received by this Headquarters following the debrief of a released BHT hostage, revealed some traits and disposition of the BHT. Based on his testimony, the following findings were made:
a. BHT were formerly carrying out their ops at night but later changed to day time due to incessant fratricide.
b. They have information on every NA movement.
c. BHT plant bombs on all routes especially those likely to be used by NA.
d. The routine in BHT camp is to wake up, read, Quran, train, and plan attks then go for ops.
e. BHT actually set out to capture ammunition manufacturing machine as they were told at Chibok and when they could not find any, they abducted the school girls.
f. The girls were shared into groups of 20 with each group under a tree.
g. Some of the girls have converted into Islam and some have not, but they didn't kill those who decided not to convert to Islam as they normally do to men who refuse to convert.
h. Thirty of the girls are not married to BHTs of Chibok origin, one of them had a dislocation and another was bitten by a snake.
i. BHTs are ready to free the girls if their detained members are released. This has always been their slogan.
j. Some white hostages were freed based on exchange with their men.
k. BHT got fuel from Cameroon prior to the Cameroonian response to the
l. They have herds of cattle and could slaughter up to 10 cows in a day.
m. Food was sourced through diversion of vehicles conveying food along Damboa Road.
n. They now gettheir food from Potiskim area.
o. BHT's major source of fund is through robbery.
p. BHt camp has many generators in Sambisa Forest. BHTs do not live in built houses but tents and under trees.
q. BHTs weat jump-up Pakistani dresses and do not shave nor do they wear wrist watches on left hand. When wearing shoes they put the right leg first and when removing shoes they remove the left leg first.
r. Shekau has his wife and 2 children in Sambisa Forest. He is Kanun, he speaks Hausa and he does not travel.
s. BHT Camp in Sambsa Forest is divided into guard area, judgement area, and HQ. The judgement areas are signified by flags mounted on trees while the HQ has a big flag hoisted. The symbold on BHT flag are gun and machetes.
t. The password in the camp during the day time is: challenge - BUSHRA, response - LAKUM. During night time is: challenge - TARKA, response - HAZAM.
u. BHT don't use rosary (beads) for their prayers. They do not drink, smoke, or listen to music.
v. There are few Chadians and Nigeriens as members of BHT. Most of them are Kanuns.
w. All BHTs listen to radio a lot to keep abreast with happening around the world.
x. BHT normally travel from Sambisa - Talafa - Gorun - Buni Yadi to any destination of their choice and return through the same route.
y. BHT have laid IEDs along selected parts of the roads leading into their enclave. They go off the roads at the IED points and their camps are also fortified with IEDs.

2. Consequent upon the above findings, the details of the debrief are herebt forwarded to you to enable you build a better intelligence picture of BHT and assist in the conduct of your operations. Please acknowledge receipt.

Col. for COAS


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