About Us

Global Agenda is dedicated to activities that will elevate social equity concern to the forefront of public affairs, policy formulation and implementation through enhancing and promoting programs that strategically respond to social problems and development, and to advocate the use of public-oriented processes and socially responsive regulatory frameworks.

Leadership, Education, Security, Migration & Development, Health (HIV/AIDS and Malaria), and Environment. Promote and support all programs of the United Nations, UNESCO, AU, ECOWAS and other specialized agencies of the United Nations. Global Agenda Crusaders International is an organization founded by young people and governed by young people for the benefit of our generation. It is not for profit but has an agenda to change Africa for good and develop leaders that can transform Africa and take our continent to the Promised Land

  1. Develop a strategy to address the political social & economic needs of Africans within and in the Diaspora.
  2. Collaboration with law enforcement agencies to promote human rights in Africa. The campaign against irregular migration, training, and reintegration program for returning migrants.
  3. Provide a first response network in times of natural & human disaster. Security analysis and strategy formulation.
  4. Educate and empower Africans by linking with African in the Diaspora by offering opportunities to assemble collaborate and enhance each other through diverse assemblies (meetings, conferences, etc.)

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