What We Do

  1. We undertake programs and projects on Security issues, Education, Environment, Literacy, migration campaign, HIV/AIDS and Malaria, anti-corruption crusade and Campaign against Terrorism through the war of ideas.
  1. We facilitate and organize meetings such as symposia, seminars, training, and conferences, etc. that will allow for the broadest youth participation at the national, sub-regional and regional levels. Global Agenda organizes an annual forum on the “State of African Union”
  1. We campaign for material and financial support for needy people, homeless, orphans, students, and organizations.
  1. We work for the appreciation, preservation, and promotion of cultural values and traditions of African peoples.
  1. We develop working relation co-operation with other regional and international and organizations, inter and non-governmental organizations on issues of common concern and interest.
  1. We work for all other activities that may be necessary to further the aims and objectives of the Global Alternative Agenda
  1. Global Alternative Agenda provides direct and indirect material and financial support for needy people within the limits of its resources.

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